July 29, 2010

A Spinner's Dream !

De quoi faire rêver une fileuse !

Yes! Fleeces, fleeces, and more fleeces!

Oui ! De toisons et encore de toisons !

A big "thank you" to Dominique & his Lutins du Montana for these beautiful fleeces.

Un grand merci à Dominique et ses Lutins du Montana pour ces belles toisons.


Soksia said...

WOW, you've got a lot of spinning to do!

Diane said...

Hi Soksia! It does look quite impressive, doesn't it! BUT .. as you know, the fleece are quite small .... so I feel lucky to get one nice skein of spun yarn from each fleece (150 to 200 grams). But even still, I do have a lot of spinning to do!
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