November 7, 2010

A New Season Begins !

Une nouvelle saison démarre

The days are getting shorter and the leaves are falling. And now, as the outside temperature is cooling down, the ewes are warming up! Yes! In the sheep world, it's the season of love! After a few preparations, like foot trimming and worming, the ewes are ready to meet their appointed ram.

Les jours diminuent et les feuilles tombent. Et maintenant que la température extérieure baisse celle des brebis monte! Oui, c’est la saison des amours chez les moutons. Après quelques petits soins tels que la coupe des onglons et une petite dose de vermifuge, les brebis sont prêtes au rendez-vous!

First, we are very pleased to welcome Chti des Lutins du Montana to our flock. The lovely little Chti will be covering 10 ewes : 3 brown, 2 grey, and 5 black. The 5 black ewes are all either a carrier of brown or grey, or both brown & grey.

D’abord, nous sommes très contents d’accueillir Chti des Lutins du Montana dans notre troupeau. Le joli petit Chti va s’occuper de 10 brebis, dont 3 noisettes, 2 grises et 5 noires. Ces dernières sont toutes porteuses soit de noisette, soit de grise, soit des deux.

On the other hand, Caramel, a little white ram with a beautiful mane, is playing the gallant with 'TitBijou and Onyx, two black ewes.

D’autre part, Caramel, petit bélier blanc avec une belle cravate, joue le galant auprès de ‘TitBijou et Onyx, deux brebis noires.


... and five months from now ... ?

... et d’ici cinq mois .... ?


Jody said...

I am hoping for the same in 5 months time. My white Finn ewe and a Gotland ram! They are only 6 months old but a good size.

Felix said...

I love the start of Tupping season and your caramel ram is especially pretty. I can't wait to see how it all works out - or what you'll knit from the proceeds of these fortuitous sheepy-meetings!

Diane said...

Hi Jody! Finn & Gotland! Lucky you! I love lambing and the planning for lambing. Can't wait for April/May

Diane said...

Hi Felix! I really like Caramel too. He's a very lovely boy. Chti is also wonderful ... but it's true that Caramel really catches the eye ... I think it has something to do with his wonderful mane!

Soksia said...

I would love to have lambs next spring, but hate the idea of having to get rid of them afterwards. We have only enough land for the existing 7 sheep. So alas! Now ram for my little ladies!

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