October 17, 2010

Sheep to Sweater Sunday n° 48 " Little by Little ..."

De la Toison au Tricot n° 48 " Petit à petit ... "

...I'm making progress!

... ça progresse !

Shetland Sweater : 100% Ouessant Wool
Cardigan shetland : 100% laine ouessant


Jody said...

Oh how beautiful...the colours work together in perfect harmony. I luv to do colourwork on smaller projects such as hats, gloves, mitts, using my own handspun alpaca :-)

Diane said...

Thanks Jody!
Yes, I love color work too. There's something magical about it. I'm not knitting very fast (actually, I'm working on some other projects at the same time ... well, you know how that goes), but sooner or later I'll finish. I think that the more I knit on this sweater, the more I want to knit.

Lael said...


Spinneting said...

I am so looking forward to see your finished product! I am working on a sweather for my husband now, made of wool from "old norvegian" sheep, I love it! But that will be a bumpier yarn than yours, I'm sure!
Thank you for teaching me the technique knitted braid, I use it in my sweather knitting too.
I think your sheeps are beautiful!!
Kari. Norway

Diane said...

Thank you Kari !
Unfortunately, this beautiful sweater has been patiently waiting my attention. I've finished so many smaller projects .... BUT the great news is that I've finally pulled this project out & I'm making myself knit at least one row per day. It is beautiful ... but rather slow going. I'm planning on an update soon.
best regards,

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