February 3, 2011

Finally! She told me!

Finalement, elle me l’a dit !!

Yes ... finally “La Petite” whispered her name to me.
I had to be really patient because she is so very shy.

Oui ... finalement “La Petite” m’a chuchoté son nom.
Elle est tellement timide qu’il m’a fallu de la patience.

Her name is Jasmine ... a little discreet, delicate white flower.

Elle s’appelle Jasmine ... petite fleur blanche, très discrète et délicate.


I think that it’s a name that suits her well.

Je pense que c’est un nom qui lui va très bien.


Amy said...

Oh...! She is just heart-grabbing sweet! She must be very special to you! Such a lovely name she whispered.
Amy at Wheely Wooly Farm

Amy said...

I was just looking back at the posts I've missed....grass?!? You have grass now?? You lucky, lucky shepherd! We are buried in drifts....
Amy at Wheely Wooly Farm

Diane said...

Thank you Amy!
yes ... I have grass.
& yes, it's enough to make a shepherd's heart sing!
keep warm!

Anonymous said...


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