February 1, 2011

The Green, Green Grass of Normandy !

La bonne herbe normande!

It's really beautiful, the green, green grass of Normandy!
This photo, taken on the first day of February, says it all !

Que c’est vraiment beau, l’herbe normande, bien verte.
Cette photo, prise le premier jour de février, la montre bien.

Speaking as a shepherd, it's a heart-warming sight!
Particularly after the year we had last year : a winter without end, a spring that turned out to be a no-show, all followed by a drought! A total disaster!
But just look at that grass ... quite promising!

En tant que bergère, ça fait chaud au cœur !
Surtout après l’année dernière : un hiver sans fin, un printemps pas au rendez-vous, suivi par la sécheresse ! La cata totale !
Mais là voilà .... ça s’annonce bien!


Jody said...

I will be very happy to see green grass here! I have just come inside from snow shovelling :-(

Diane said...

Hi Jody!
I'm soooo happy that this winter is not like last winter.
Truth be told, generally speaking, its pretty mild here. But it does make my heart sing to see such beautiful green grass in February.
I have a few different paddocks and the picture is of a "new" paddock that I've been saving for them. This starts ... they'll spend February and March there ... then in April and May on to a different paddock.

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