April 27, 2011

This one's for Jody !

Celle-ci c’est pour Jody!

There she is, my 'TitBijou, with 4 lambs!

Le voilà mon ‘TitBijou avec 4 agneaux !

One would think that she's a little Finn ewe. Finn sheep are renowned for their high fertility : One ewe can have as many as 5 lambs! An actual litter ! It’s really amazing to see the pictures of Jody’s beautiful Finn lambs. But with Ouessant Sheep, it’s just one lamb for one ewe! As for ‘TitBijou, she’s just baby-sitting while the other mothers graze.

On dirait une petite brebis finn, race ovine reconnue pour sa fécondité : une seule brebis peut avoir jusqu’à cinq agneaux ! Une véritable portée ! C’est merveilleux à voir, tous les beaux agneaux finn de Jody. Mais chez le mouton d’Ouessant, c’est un agneau pour une brebis!
Quant à ‘TitBijou, elle fait du baby-sitting pendant que les autres mères broutent l’herbe.


Jody said...

Oh you had me there!!! I thought your little ewe did have 4 lambs haha.
I will have to get my ass in gear and start working on the fleece that you sent me. Right now I am spinning laceweight with Lacey's beautiful and lustrous Finn fleece :-)It will be a large shawl from Lace Knitting of Estonia :-)

Diane said...

LOL! Well, Jody, they only come one at a time. But it's true that the pictures of your beautiful little lambs is so lovely ... talk about a population explosion! Oh, you need to tell me where you got those great lamb coats. I didn't coat this year ... wish I did. It makes a huge difference!

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