July 24, 2011

Sheep to Sweater Sunday n° 68 : " This Week's Spinning "

De la Toison au Tricot n° 68 : " Filage de la semaine "

A few months ago I set a goal for myself : spin Caramel, Nougatine & Cassonade's fleeces.
And I've done it!

Il y a quelques mois, je me suis fixée un objectif : filer la laine de Caramel, Nougatine & Cassonade.
Et voilà ... c’est fait !

With Caramel's (white ram) beautiful fleece, I spun 500 g (1 250 m) of 2-ply yarn. Then, with Nougatine and Cassonade's fleeces (brown ewes), I spun 600 g (1 500 m) of 2-ply yarn.

À partir de la belle toison de Caramel, bélier blanc, j’ai filé 500 g (1 250 m) de laine à deux brins. Puis, avec les toisons de Nougatine et Cassonade, brebis brunes, j’ai filé 600 g (1 500 m) de laine à deux brins.

This lovely yarn will be used to knit the "Faroe" sweater by Alice Starmore (Fishermen's Sweaters, Trafalgar Square, 1995).

Cette belle laine est destinée à faire le pull-over “Faroe” de Alice Starmore (
Fishermen’s Sweaters, Trafalgar Square, 1995).

Now it's time to cast on ...

Maintenant ... montage des mailles !


Jody said...

I have that book and I luv that pattern. It will take a long time to knit in such fine yarn. So you will use brown and white?
I have yet to spin enough fleece to make a sweater but hope to someday be able to stay on track long enough to accomplish it!

Diane said...

Hi Jody! I LOVE this pattern too. I'm planning on modifying the pattern a bit : would rather have a cardigan, not a pull-over. And instead of black & white, it will be a chocolate brown & white, which I think will look really nice. The spinning isn't "that" fine ... approx 250 m / 100 g. It should be a great project .... if I can only find the time!!

Dame en noir said...

Que de travail... Mais le projet est à la hauteur de la laine -magnifique!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful - I must get on and spin some more. Love working with naturally coloured wool myself, nd that chocolate brown is wonderful.

(Lovely pattern, too...)

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