August 24, 2011

A bit of a make-over !

Un coup de relooking !

This year, Castille's fleece (Lutins du Montana) was particularly beautiful : ever so fine with lots of style. But first, a big "thank you" to Castille and her shepherd for such a lovely fleece.

Cette année, la toison de Castille des Lutins du Montana était particulièrement belle : d’une finesse inouïe et du style. Mais d'abord un grand merci à Castille et son berger pour cette belle toison.

I washed all of this fleece then I decided to dye half of it.
Here it is ... in all the colors of the setting sun !

J’ai lavé l’ensemble de cette toison, puis j’ai décidé d’en teindre la moitié.
La voilà ... aux couleurs du soleil couchant !

I have lots of things to say about this little ewe and her beautiful fleece ... but that will have to wait for another time.

J’ai plein de choses à dire au sujet de cette brebis et sa belle toison ... mais ça sera pour une autre fois.


Jody said...

Lovely and her fleece is very nice with colour too!
I look forward to what you have to say next time :-)

Diane said...

Oh thank you Jody.
She's a very special ewe.
And her wool is so lovely.

Coco said...

These fleeces and colors are just lovely! What are you using for dyes?

Diane said...

Hi Coco, thanks for visiting.
I'm using commercial acid milling dyes for wool. (sorry, no brand name) I have 6 "base" colors that I either use by themselves or mixed.
best regards, Diane

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