November 1, 2011

Wear 100% Wool this Wovember !

Fêter la beauté de la laine du mouton en novembre !

It's November : the temperature is dropping and the north wind is blowing.
It's the perfect month for celebrating the beauty of wool.
Time to get out your warm woolly knits and wear them with pride.

Nous sommes en novembre : la température baisse et le vent du nord souffle.
C’est un mois tout fait pour célébrer la beauté de la laine :
pour sortir les petites laines et les porter avec fierté !

So join us as we proclaim the beauty of 100% pure, 100% natural sheep's wool.

Alors, rejoignez- nous pour revendiquer la beauté de la laine : 100% pure, 100% naturelle.

Wear 100% pure wool, the month of "Wovember" and celebrate the beauty of sheep's wool.

Ce mois de novembre, portez des petites laines et fêtez la beauté de la laine de mouton.


Anonymous said...

Looking at the picture with these lovely crimped woolies I have such an itch in my fingers to do some spinning that I might abandon my work today and really do this: Sit back in my armchair, let the cold and trey November weather do it's duties and have some hands of wool on my lap.... Thanks for the reminder :-) !

Jody said...

You certainly have a lovely display of wool at it's finest!
I have 5 nice lamb fleeces from our GotlandX sheep that were sheared. Four are white and one is dark grey. They have a beautiful silky luster and are quite soft.

Diane said...

Thank you Martina and Jody.
I really like this photo of raw wool too. When you're a spinner there's nothing quite as tempting as beautiful fleece.

Thank you for visiting the Spinning Shepherd!