January 8, 2012

Sheep to Sweater Sunday n° 85 : " Slippers for the Shepherd !"

De la Toison au Tricot n° 85 : " Pantoufles pour la bergère ! "

These are for me !

Celles-ci sont à moi !

Made with wool from 'TitBijou, a black ouessant ewe, and Iroise des Lutins du Montana, a grey ouessant ewe. Iroise's grey wool was dyed magenta.

Ahhh! Nothing like warm feet in the winter.

Fabriquées à partir de la laine de ‘TitBijou, brebis ouessant noire , et Iroise des Lutins du Montana, brebis ouessant grise. La laine grise d’Iroise a été teinte rose vif,

Ah ! Que c’est bien d’avoir les pieds au chaud.


Jody said...

Very pretty colours and they do look superwarm :-)
Today it is -25 with the windchill and there is plenty of snow on the ground.

Diane said...

Thanks Jody. I really like the colors too. I always get such lovely colors when I over-dye grey wool. The color of the slippers is basically a heathery cranberry (which doesn't seem to photograph very well.
And yes, they are warm and very comfortable.
-25 ! Yikes. It's been quite warm here in northern Europe. We've had just a few mornings with heavy frost ... but no snow and no real freezing weather.

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