January 22, 2012

Sheep to Sweater Sunday n° 87 : " This Week's Spinning "

De la Toison au Tricot n° 87 : " Filage de la semaine "

Nothing more lovely than beautiful wool from the Lutins du Montana !
This week I worked on wool from two Lutins : Chti and Biche.

Rien de plus joli que la belle laine des Lutins du Montana !
Cette semaine j’ai travaillé la laine de deux Lutins : Chti et Biche.

Chti des Lutins du Montana

Biche des Lutins du Montana
photo de D. Morzynski

Chti’s fleece is jet black.
As for Biche, a little light brown ouessant ewe,
her fleece is a mix of different shades of light brown.

La toison de Chti est d’un noir jais.
Quant à Biche, petite brebis ouessant brune claire,
sa belle toison est très nuancée.

I combed both fleeces.

J’ai peigné ces deux toisons.

Then I spun a rather fine 2 ply yarn.

Puis je les ai filées : un fil assez fin à 2 brins.

And of course ... I already have something in mind for this yarn !

... more to come ...

Et ben sûr ... j’ai déjà un petite projet en tête !

... à suivre ...


Jody said...

Lovely fleece and yarn!
I have also been thinking about spinning something black except my black is Alpaca :-)

fale artut said...


Stuart and Gabrielle said...

I came across your blog late last night. The standard of your spinning and the wool you have produced is wonderful. We have a small flock of Ouessant sheep in Brittany, near Dinan. I have felted and am teaching myself how to knit but am looking for someone else to spin for me (commercially or otherwise). Would you consider it or could you recommend anyone?

Diane said...

Hi Stuart & Gabrielle,
Why don't you send me an email. You'll find a "contact" email button/form on the left hand side of the blog.
best regards,

Thank you for visiting the Spinning Shepherd!