March 18, 2012

Sheep to Sweater Sunday n° 95 : " The Coffee Break !"

De la Toison au Tricot n° 95 : " La Pause-Café !"

There's nothing like a little cup of coffee.

Rien ne vaut une petite tasse de café.

Not too long ago, I took a coffee break to think things over a bit. Essentially, I was looking at a little knitting project that I had never finished. I really like the pattern "Dido" by Asa Tricosa. And I also like the yarn that I spun for this project. But to be quite honest, I just wasn't thrilled with how it was turning out. One has to say that even if you start out with beautiful yarn, in this instance a 2-ply yarn with 1 ply white ouessant wool and 1 ply mulberry silk, you still have to pick a pattern that will show off the yarn to best advantage.

Il y a peu de temps, j’ai fait une petite pause-café pour me changer un peu les idées. Effectivement, j’étais en train de revoir un petit projet tricot que j’avais laissé à l’abandon. J’aime bien le modèle "Dido" d’Asa Tricosa et le fil que j’ai façonné pour ce projet, mais je n’ai pas été très emballée par le résultat. Bref, il faut dire que même si on commence avec un beau fil, en l’occurrence un brin de laine ouessant blanche et un brin de soie, il faut choisir un modèle qui le met bien en valeur.

I think I've found the "perfect" pattern.
But now I need to deal with a little color problem.

In my opinion, this yarn is really too white for my new project, I want something a bit darker ... I'm looking for a neutral color, soft, subtle ... maybe a honey-beige.

I put some sugar in my coffee ...
Then stir the magic black brew with my little spoon.

... why that's it ! I should have thought of this before !
Honestly, there's nothing like a little cup of coffee !

Before dyeing this skein of wool and silk, I soaked the yarn in pan of warm water into which I've added half a cup of white vinegar. You have to let the yarn soak for several hours in order to make sure the the silk is saturated.

Je pense avoir trouvé un modèle qui va faire bien l’affaire.
Mais il reste un petit problème de couleur.

À mon goût, ce fil est vraiment trop blanc ... pour mon nouveau projet, je veux un ton plus sombre ... je cherche une couleur neutre, assez subtile, tendre, beige-miel.

Je met un sucre dans mon café.
Je le remue avec une petite cuillère.

... ah bien oui ... j’aurais du y penser avant ... rien ne vaut une petite tasse de café ....

Avant de teindre cet écheveau de laine et soie, je le fais tremper plusieurs heures dans un bain d’eau chaude dans lequel j’ai ajouté un verre de vinaigre blanc. Il faut le laisser tremper assez longtemps pour que la soie soit bien imbibée.

I make one pot of very strong coffee.
I then pour the coffee in a stainless steal pan.
Then I put the wet skein of wool/silk into the pan of coffee.
I leave the pan of coffee and yarn on the wood burning stove for several hours ...
Note that the coffee does not boil : it just stays nice and hot.

Je prépare une cafetière de café bien fort.
Je le verse dans une casserole en inox.
Puis je mets l’écheveau dans la casserole remplie de café.
Je la laisse sur la cuisinière à bois pendant plusieurs heures ....
le café ne bout pas, mais il reste bien chaud.

The next morning, I take the skein of yarn out of the coffee.
I then wash it and let it dry.

Le lendemain matin, je le sors de son bain de café.
Je le lave, puis le laisse sécher.

I am really happy with this color :
a soft, delicate honey-beige ... almost golden.

Je suis vraiment contente de cette couleur très délicate et tendre :
un beige-miel, presque doré.

... to be continued ...

...à suivre ...


Jody said...

Do you think that Koffie is colourfast Diane? Did you use some kind of mordant? I have heard of tea dying before on muslin. The colour from your koffie almost reminds me of black walnuts :-)
My friend and I bought some ProChem dye kits and I am hoping to dye some of my coloured yearling mohair...not sure if I will dye any of my ewe's wool.

Diane said...

Hi Jody
To be quite honest ... I haven't the slightest idea. That being said, coffee stains always seem to be pretty color-fast. Even if it does fade slightly, it will be fine. What I was after was a barely tinted antique beige type of thing. Actually this turned out pretty nicely ... a very golden color.
That said I'm not really into dyeing with natural food dyes. I almost always use commercial acid dyes for wool/silk. Question of being able to repeat colors, color-fastness, etc ... This was kind of a one off ...
Also ... who wants to waste a good pot of coffee? Even if it is for a good cause !

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