May 19, 2012

Here's what we end up with after plying ....

Ce que ça donne après avoir été retordu ...

Here's the skein of wool that I spun
using the spinning technique known as spinning from the lock.

Voilà l’écheveau de laine que j’ai filé
utilisant une technique de filage à partir de la mèche.

Praline : 375 mètres pour 100 grammes

It's not too bad ... even if my spinning isn't quite as even as I would have liked.
Okay ... so I guess I need to practice !
That being said, it's really great to be able to spin
directly from the lock without any fiber prep.

... back to the wheel !

C’est pas trop mal ... même si le filage n’est pas aussi régulier que j’aurais espéré.
D’accord, il faut que je m’entraîne ...
Ceci dit, c’est vraiment très intéressant de pouvoir filer
directement de la mèche sans aucune préparation particulière.

... alors, au rouet !


Jody said...

Hi Diane,
I have spun from the lock a few times but find I don't enjoy it as much as my combed top. I do have Margaret Stove's DVD and she really makes it look so effortless. Guess I need more practice :-)

Diane said...

LOL!! Actually I have to admit that I really prefer my combed top too. And yes, Margaret Stove makes it look soooo easy. That said, I wanted to explore this option a bit. I know that there are lots of spinners who don't own wool combs ... and I must say that I prefer spinning from the lock to carding. It's always nice to know that there are "other ways" of doing things. But I LOVE my combs ... combed wool is the ultimate in fiber prep. (in my unbiased opinion!)

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