August 30, 2012

A Few Dreamy Fleeces for the Spinning Shepherd !

Quelques Toisons qui font rêver la Bergère-Filandière !

A big "thank you" to Hervé Vaillant for these gorgeous Ouessant fleeces.
Beautiful quality wool in the most exquisite natural colors : dreamy fleeces for the Spinning Shepherd.

... to be continued !

Un grand merci à Hervé Vaillant pour ces magnifiques toisons Ouessant.
Une qualité de laine extra aux couleurs exquises qui font rêver cette Bergère-Filandière.

... à suivre !


Jody said...

How lovely Diane!! I really look forward to seeing what your creative hands and mind will do with those gorgeous fleeces :-)

Diane said...

Yes, there are a few "gems" in this lot of fleeces. And you know me, lots of ideas ... oh how I wish I had more time to just spin and knit.

Thank you for visiting the Spinning Shepherd!