October 7, 2012

Sheep to Sweater Sunday n° 120 : " Knitting ... unraveling ..."

De la Toison au Tricot n° 120 : " Tricoter .... défaire .... "

... knitting again ... unraveling again ... and so on and so forth !
Oh yes ! It's a sad little story that seasoned knitters know all too well !
Sometimes things just don't seem to turn out like they should ...

... tricoter de nouveau ... défaire de nouveau ... et ainsi de suite !

Ah oui ! C’est une triste histoire bien connue de l’ensemble des tricoteuses averties !
Des fois ça ne marche pas comme il faut ...

For "Bronte's Mitts" I'm having some problems with the lace cuffs.
The first time, the stitches were much too loose ...
Then they were almost too tight, plus the edge was not flat.

Pour les mitaines « Bronte », il s’agit du poignet en dentelle.
D’abord les mailles étaient trop relâchées ..
Puis presque trop serrées avec un bord qui se retourne !

I hope that I can fix all of these little problems this week.
Oh dear !  A knitter's life is ever so complicated ! 

J’espère pouvoir résoudre tous ces problèmes cette semaine.
Que c’est compliqué la vie d’une tricoteuse !


thecrazysheeplady said...

I'm getting ready for a big frogging myself. Sigh.

Jody said...

Sometimes I can start several projects and nothing seems to work out (had that happen a short while ago).
I just say I've lost my 'knitting mojo' and wait til it passes :-)

Diane said...

Oh Dear ! Sorry to hear about the upcoming "big frogging". It's always so painful. The only thing that helps me is I keep telling myself that I won't like the end result at all and won't wear it or give it away. But if I 'rip and fix' I'll end up with something that I really like. Also ... and maybe this is just an age thing ... but when you LOVE knitting, you can always try to convince yourself that you can have twice as much "fun" with this project now that you have to knit it twice ! I know, sick and twisted logic ... but it helps ease the pain of ripping and frogging !
bon courage !

Diane said...

Oh Jody ... I LOVE it : "knitting mojo" !!
To be quite honest, I rarely have problems with my projects. (knock on wood) But every once in a while there's a project that drives me nuts. This particular project isn't too bad ... but I've already spent way too much time on it. It is a great little pattern ... & I may just knit another pair (after I figure out the problems that I'm having with this pair!)
A knitter's life is ever so complicated !

dorothee draft said...

Quand ça va pas, faut pas hésiter !

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