January 27, 2013

Sheep to Sweater Sunday n° 129 : " One Skein of Yarn ... "

De la Toison au Tricot n° 129 : "Un écheveau ... "

Here it is !  My first skein of yarn, spun from fiber from my blending board.  A blend of two colors of Ouessant wool, apricot mohair, red-orange alpaca, and red angelina, this skein is 249 metres & 100 grams. 

What do you think ?  I think that the blending board does offer some interesting possibilities ... but it will take a bit of playing around with to figure out how to create exactly the type of yarn I'm looking for.

Le voilà, mon premier écheveau de laine filé à partir de fibres de ma planche à mélanger.  C'est un mélange de deux couleurs de laine Ouessant, un peu de mohair couleur abricot, un peu d'alpaga couleur rouge-orange, et un tout petit peu d'angelina rouge. Cet écheveau mesure 249 metres pour 100 g.  

Qu'est-ce que vous en pensez ?  Personnellement, je pense que la planche à mélanger nous offre des possibilités très intéressantes pour créer des fils.  Ceci dit, il faut faire plusieurs essais avec la planche pour bien arriver à créer le fil recherché !


fale artut said...

You could try to use one thread of multicolour and one thread with one colour. Intresting!

Diane said...

Thank you. That sounds like a good idea.
So far I have rather mixed feelings about using a blending board. I think it has possibilities ... but then again, I have to admit that I really adore plain simple colors as they come off the sheep.
But perhaps I just need to rethink what I'm doing a bit. At any rate, it's too late for this skein. (I think I've figured out a project that I can use it in!)
In the mean time, I'll continue playing around with the possibilities, particularly now that I have a blending board ... I may as well use it !

Gillianbeads said...

I really like the way it turned out.
I think one would have to keep a record of what fibre layout was used if you needed more than that skein. You could take a photo with an iphone of the finished blending board, prior to making the rolags.

Diane said...

Thank you Gillianbeads.
It is a pretty little skein. And you know I DID take a photo of and fiber layout when it was on the board (just in case!). Like I said, I think there is a bit of a learning curve on getting the results you want with this thing. I do think that it is a great little tool.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I have enjoyed watching your progress. I read the article when it got here but wasn't sure I'd be interested. You've convinced me :-).

ISA said...

Wonderful ! une bien belle réussite !

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