February 8, 2013

Making Progress !

We're moving to a new site : SpinningShepherd.com
The new site will be up and running by the end of January 2019.
This article has been transfered to the new blog and can be found at :
Nous sommes en train de nous établir sur un nouveau site : SpinningShepherd.com
Ce nouveau site sera opérationnel d'ici la fin janvier 2019.
Cet article a été transféré vers le nouveau blog et se trouve à :


Jody said...

That looks interesting...what are all those orange bits of yarn for? Are they markers of some sort?

Diane said...

LOL !!
Yes Jody, they're stitch markers !!!

Honestly, this little lace edging has been a bit frustrating for me. Generally speaking I'm quite good at "reading" my knitting. But this edging had me totally lost.

So I broke down and put a marker between each repeat. And in the end, I thought all of those yellow loops of yarn deserved a photo !

Ann said...

Arrrrkkkkkk!!! You are such a tease. Me thinks it is going to be lovely, so get a wiggle on and stop keeping us in suspense. (~_~)

Diane said...

Hi Ann !
LOL !!! I'm knitting as fast as I can !
I have just 2 more rows to go including bind-off. So almost there.
I keep wondering if I made a mistake with the edging color. Is it too dark ? Should have I gone with a different color ? Sometimes you can't rally say until you're finished. Planning on finishing tonight and blocking tomorrow.
Until ... onward ... with needles in hand !

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