February 17, 2013

Sheep to Sweater Sunday n° 132 : The Winners' Circle !

De la Toison au Tricot n° 132 : Le Club des Champions 

I've just started a new column that I'm calling "The Winners' Circle".

This column is dedicated to working with Ouessant fleeces from sheep that have won the title of champion at a French National Ouessant show organized by the Ouessant Breed Society (GEMO).

It is true that I have already featured at least one little champion, the lovely Cannelle des Lutins du Montana.

I have to admit that I’m really not into showing sheep.  That being said, I do think that it’s quite interesting to let everyone see that a National Champion Ouessant sheep can produce a fleece of exceptional beauty.

To kick off this new column, I have the privilege of working with one of Hervé Vaillant’s fleeces : a fleece from a white Ouessant ewe, Grand Champion in 2011 and Champion of Champions in 2012.

As you can see, the Spinning Shepherd has given this extremely fine white fleece a bit of a make-over :

Je viens de lancer une nouvelle rubrique : « Le Club des Champions » !

Cette rubrique est dédiée aux travail des toisons Ouessant provenant des moutons d’Ouessant primés lors d’un concours du GEMO (Groupement des Éleveurs de Moutons d’Ouessant)

Effectivement, j’ai déjà mis en vitrine au moins une petite championne, la belle Cannelle des Lutins du Montana

Il faut admettre que je ne suis pas vraiment animée par l’esprit de compétition.  Pourtant, je pense que c’est très intéressant de montrer à quel point un mouton d’Ouessant primé par le GEMO est aussi un mouton qui peut produire une toison exceptionnelle.

Pour lancer cette nouvelle rubrique, j’ai le plaisir de travailler une toison de chez Hervé Vaillant : la toison d’une brebis blanche, Prix d’Honneur en 2011 et grand Prix d’Honneur des Champions en 2012. 

D’une finesse exceptionnelle, cette belle toison a subi un petit relooking chez la Bergère-Filandière :

All combed, this fleece is just waiting to be spun !
Peignée, elle est prête à filer.

... to be continued ...
...à suivre...


Jody said...

What a beautiful colour. Maybe a future tutorial on dyeing in the fleece and dyes you use would be very much appreciated Diane :-)

Gillianbeads said...

What a beautiful colour!
You mentioned that the fleece is combed, but to me it looks carded. I'm quite new to fleece and have lots to learn...did you use handcombs to produce the batts?
I really enjoy your blog!
Thank you, Gillian

Diane said...

Thanks Jody! I LOVE these blue-green teal colors.
Hummm ... a tutorial on dyeing in the fleece. I'll have to give this some thought. It is true that I do prefer dyeing in the fleece as opposed to dyeing just the finished yarn (although I do that too). I might get a chance to put this together in the next week or two.

Diane said...

Thanks so much Gillian.
Yes, I'm combing this fleece. And I've used hand combs to produce the top. Later today I'll try to post a couple of close up photos for you. Oh and yes, I love this teal color too. It's really one of my favorite colors.

Thank you for visiting the Spinning Shepherd!