July 12, 2008

Introducing . . . .

. . . . my two new girls : Praline and Nougatine!

Praline & Nougatine : Oh dear!! Aren't we hungry!

Both of these little brown (noisette) ewes are 16 months old & were shorn in May so the fleeces are still quite short.

Praline & Nougatine : Side by side ... and still eating!

Praline, the smaller of the two, is 40 cm at the shoulders. She has a wonderful light taupe/brown fleece that sparkles with silver. We're thinking that she might just carry modified colors which lightens the "normal" color of a fleece. Here's a close-up of her fleece. Note that even though she was recently shorn her fleece is already quite sun-bleached.

Praline's Fleece : Hard to tell from photo but it really does sparkle with silver!

Nougatine is a bit bigger than Praline, measuring in at 43 cm at the shoulders. Her fleece is a darker, "flater" color. Here's a close-up of her fleece.

Nougatine's fleece : "flat" medium/dark brown

These photos really don't show the difference in their fleeces very well, but they are notably different : even my husband could see it!
I just love them!!
They are so beautiful to watch!
And I can't wait to spin these fleeces next year!


maylin said...

I can see why you are getting so enamoured of the ouessants, they are so cute. It is hard to get an idea of how little they are from the picture though - only about twice as big as my cat!

Diane said...

Hi Maylin!
Thanks for visiting my blog!!
You'll have to come visit me and check out the sheep. It's true that it's really hard to see how small they are from a photo.

Thank you for visiting the Spinning Shepherd!