July 9, 2008

Just can't help myself!

Okay .... after doing a skein of Ciska’s wool, I decided to spin some of Squeek’s fleece. This is from a yearling ewe : black with brown tips. Length approximately 8 cm.

Squeek : Staple length approx. 8 cm

Again, I spun this in the grease, to gage. The result was a tweedy black with bits of brown. After having spun a skein I decided to be a bit daring! I kept thinking that I would love to have a skein of “pure black” wool. So the next bobbin full of yarn was spun in like fashion, but I snipped off the brown ends with a pair of scissors before spinning! And the result was quite lovely. Actually, it’s every interesting to put the three balls of yarn together.

Three Balls of Yarn! From left to right : Ciska (brown),
Squeek (black with brown tips), Squeek (black no brown tips).

What can I say? I think they are all quite lovely! ...hum... am I seeing a pair of socks or possibly a jumper .... must keep spinning though ... the knitting will be for later!

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