July 17, 2008

Rhum Raisin : Sheep in a Jacket!

Here’s a picture of Rhum Raisin in her coat. She’s an oddly colored white ouessant ewe with dark brown head & legs. She also has dark ticking on her back.

Rhum Raisin in coat!

Here’s a picture of RhumRaisin’s fleece as of today :

Rhum Raisin : three months growth.

She has been covered since the day she was shorn. Note that you can almost see the dark ticking in the white fleece. The fleece is pristine. Pure white. Conditioned. Just beautiful. Unfortunately the photo doesn’t do justice to the fleece itself! So far I’m loving the covers. Too bad that I have to alter the coats for them to fit ouessants. But do think that it’s worth it!

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maylin said...

Wow how gorgeous is that? I can't wait to get some covers.

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