October 21, 2008

Just because they're soooo cute!!!

Praline & Nougatine in the orchard!

Here they are ... for your viewing pleasure, just because they're soooo cute!

Praline & Nougatine, my little brown ewes, are currently awaiting their rendez-vous with a little brown ram in a few weeks! Everyone's excited about this, even me!!!

I just love watching these little girls in the orchard. Praline is just 39 cm tall ; Nougatine 43cm.

I'll be posting more soon ...


Artisan Threads said...

What lovely girls, what does their fleece spin like.

Diane said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.
Ouessant fleece is not unlike Shetland. In other words, it is a rustic breed which generally has a double coat (some individuals more than others!). Wool quality varies greatly from individual to individual and is largely dependant on age and sex. So the first fleece of a yearling ewe will generally be quite fine, soft and ever so lovely ; the fleece from a 5 year old ram is generally quite coarse and "hairy".
Both of these brown girls have very fine fleeces, particularly Praline. Can't wait to spin them next year!

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