November 16, 2008

Mark your calandars!!!

Can you believe it!!
This is a picture of RhumRaisin in her little “white” coat!

What a mess! And only yesterday is was clean! Now look at it!
Seems to me like someone has been jumping up on her!
And I bet I know who that someone is!

He sure does look innocent, doesn’t he ? (note : photo taken in June!)

So I’ve marked my calendar : 16 April 2009.
Looks quite possible that this could be the due date for a lamb!
In the next few days I'll do an update with photos on the coating experiment.
Just to let you know ... I'm really looking forward to spinning some coated fleece next year!!

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Diane said...

quick update!!
even though the coat is quite dirty, the fleece is pristine under the cover!

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