March 8, 2009

A feeder for Ouessant Sheep!

Last year I spent a fair amount of time building various types of feeders for my sheep.
They all looked just beautiful ... BUT none of them worked very well.
The lambs would jump into them ... and promptly leave some sheep poo as a reminder of their visit!! Larger sheep would push the feeders over. Etc., etc., etc.....
Nothing seemed to work very well. That was, until I read this post on Dominique's blog!

What a fantastic idea!! I went out straight away and bought supplies to make my own feeder.
Actually, I bought a 2 metre section of PVC and made 2 one-metre long feeders.
These are wonderful! Easy to make, inexpensive, and functional!
What more could you ask? Here's a photo of one of my feeders.

So hats off to Dominique! And a big "thank you" for a great idea! Also .... do check out Dominique's blog if you haven't already. It contains a wealth of information (in French) and beautiful pictures of "Les Lutins du Montana", his outstanding flock of ouessant sheep.

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