May 7, 2009

baa, baa brown sheep have you any wool?

. . . well, not anymore!
Just sheared both Praline and Nougatine.
And look at these fleeces!

Nougatine's dark chocolate brown fleece
Praline's medium fawn fleece
Note : this shows the cut/butt end, sun-bleached tips are hidden
(there is just a small staple sample on top)

What can I say? Aren't they just beautiful!
These skirted fleeces weigh in at 622 and 624 grams respectively.
So pretty average for an ouessant ewe.

Both of these ewes were left uncoated for 7 months after shearing.
Then in December they were coated until shearing (5 months).
This explains the sun-bleached tips.

I'm considering coating Nougatine this week :
I would love to have a solid dark chocolate brown fleece next year with no bleached tips!

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