May 25, 2009

A felted fleece for the compost!

Just a few weeks ago Dagobert's fleece seemed perfectly fine.
He's new around here, so no coat.
Then came shearing day!
Tip side of the fleece looks fine :

And butt side looks good too :

But looks can be deceiving!

This fleece has felted together.
Impossible to pull it apart ... it's as though it were stuck together with glue!
This is what happens when you add a little rain, a little rubbing up against trees, and a few lambs playing hop-scotch on you!

Over 90% of Dagobert's fleece went into the compost! I was able to salvage a few hundred grams that I put in a net bag : it's currently soaking in a tub of rain water.
What a shame! ... otherwise a lovely fleece ...
This is one of the reasons that I'm coating my sheep.
Believe you me . . . he'll be getting a coat this winter!

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