June 21, 2009

Sheep to Sweater Sunday n° 7 "The Frugal Spinner"

I HATE wasting fiber, particularly when it's beautiful fiber from my sheep! At the same time, I love combed fiber.

So what's a frugal spinner to do?

This is my current project :

Basket of combing waste from RhumRaisin, a white ouessant ewe,
and Ciska a brown ouessant ewe.

This combing "waste" isn't horrible ... it's just what was left over after combing.

I decided to card these together, leaving me with 240 grams of lovely "cinnamon and sugar" fiber clouds to spin.

Yum!! Just lovely!

The resulting yarn is not as even or fine as I usually spin : it's a more rustic heathery tweed. And honestly, quite lovely.

Hand Spun combing "waste" : 8 WPI

I've got a special project in mind for this yarn ... but more about that later!


angella said...

it IS lovely yarn, good thing you didn't toss it :)
and, you could always start (and easily become addicted to) felting. it's a great use for all those wee sometimes non-spinable bits...

Diane said...

Hi Angella!
You guessed correctly!! I've got a few knit to felt projects in mind. I'm thinking about a few berets, maybe some slippers, etc... This yarn did turn out quite nice ... very heathery ... plus I LOVE being able to use the combing waste.

Anonymous said...

I never thought to card my combing waste. I'll do it next time.

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