December 2, 2008

Introducing .... La Petite Margot!

Here are two pictures of my little black ewe lamb, Margot.
She has just turned 8 months old & measures 38 cm at the shoulders.

I think that she's as cute as a button!
Ever so sweet!
And who knows, she just might have a lamb this coming spring.
The ram has been chasing her about ....


Beth at WhorlingTides said...

Hi, a friend sent me a link to your those fleeces! Do you ever sell them? And if yes, would you ship one across the pond, as they say? Best wishes, Beth

Diane said...

Hi Beth! Thanks for visiting. The fleeces really are nice. Once you've seen a covered fleece there's no going back!!! In fact I'm planning on coating the rest of them in the next week to 10 days. It's kind of a half way measure as I'm sure they won't be as nice as the fleeces that were coated at shearing time. Not sure what I'll have for sale this coming year (remember that they are very small ... generally no more than 2 pounds) but if I have anything available I would be able to ship to the States.

Bobbi said...

Hi Diane, I am an American living in the very southern part of The Netherlands. I am an avid knitter and I'm very interested in producing my own yarn. I saw these lovely sheep in person not too long ago and due to their size, thought it might just be possible! We have a small orchard of dwarf apples and pears and a giant cherry out behind our house. It's about 750+/- sq meters with new chain link all the way around. It could really use a few free roaming lawnmowers! Do you think that's enough room for at least 2, maybe 3 ewes? Would we have to fence in the trees so they don't chew the bark? Would they mind sharing with our 5 chickens? I've never owned sheep but I'm very iterested and willing to learn everything!

Diane said...

Hi Bobbi, Sorry it's taken me so long to get back with you. I think that Renée answered your question (on the NING site). I would pretty much agree with her. 750 m² is not really much space. I personally think that it would/could support 1 ouessant .... that said it would honestly be cruel to have anything less than 2 ... & actually 3 would be better(they are very stressed and anxious if they aren't in a nice sized group...3 is about as small as you can go without them being stressed). 750 m² would be fine for 1 paddock .... but you would need at least 2 more of same size to keep 3 ouessants.
best wishes,

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