March 3, 2009

Ça ne chôme pas ... ça bosse!

Wow!! It’s been more than three months since I last posted anything!
And no! I haven’t been hibernating! Or leisurely sitting by a warm fireplace! (In my dreams!)
One would think that the “peaceful, quiet winter months” would leave me with plenty of time for blog entries! If only that were so! Reality has been anything but!
I’ve been very busy .... yet more fencing .... cutting wood ... coppicing trees ... bundling up fagot ...etc... We’ve made progress .... but we’re not finished. Gee! I feel like I need a vacation!

What does this paddock look like to you?
Personally, I think it looks like a battlefield!

We’ve cut and stacked lots of firewood .... some lovely apple, chestnut, and oak. And I’m still bundling up fagot .... so we’re looking forward to a few years worth of firewood.
Just hoping to get this mess cleaned up in the next few weeks.
Fortunately this is the type of work that only needs to be done every 10 to 15 years! It’s going to take me at least that long to recover.

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