March 24, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!!

I went out to the barn this morning to check on the girls and let them out. I have been bringing them in at night for the past few weeks : there are lots of problems with foxes in the area and with the freezing nights, I didn't want to have a lamb born outside at night.

This morning I found the smallest little mite of a lamb proudly standing beside her mother. She was still wet & 'TitBijou was doing a brillant job cleaning her up. I decided to install a heat lamp, more as a precautionary measure than out of strict necessity. When I got back with the heat lamp the afterbirth had been delivered and Onyx was nursing.

Onyx weighs in at just 1 kilo 620 grams!

I think she's going to be a perfect little gem, just like her mum!

Here are a few pictures of the long awaited new arrival!

What a pretty little face ...

... and beautiful little legs ...

... with her proud new mum in the background!

Both mum and lamb are doing well.

And I, for one, am absolutely thrilled with this beautiful little addition to the flock!


Jacky said...

She is beautiful!

Diane said...

Thanks Jacky!
I have to agree with you!!!
She is beautiful.
Just LOVE newborn lambs!

Nancy said...

What a beautiful lamb!

Thank you for visiting the Spinning Shepherd!