April 3, 2009

Any day now!!! LOL!!

Well actually, more like any week now .... but who knows!

Both Praline and Nougatine went in with Josse, a little brown ram on November 6th. According to my handy little lambing chart, which is based on a 148 day gestation period, the earliest they could lamb would be today. Of course they most likely didn't catch the first day. But ....

I just checked both of them. I'm guessing that Nougatine will have before Praline, as she has more udder development. That said, both of them look as though they could pop! Praline in particular seems to be rather "tired" of waiting for her lamb. She's waddling about the paddock, looking rather uncomfortable. Poor dear! I have my fingers crossed for an easy delivery with a healthy lamb & mum.

I also checked the other girls. RhumRaisin is as big as a barn! Honestly, if I didn't know better, I would say she's going to have twins! But as that is so rare with ouessant sheep, I have to discount that idea! Absolutely no udder development either. The other girls are most certainly pregnant ... but they most likely won't lamb until the very end of April at the earliest .... and possibly not until May.

In the mean time little Onyx is growing and anxiously waiting for a few playmates to join her in the paddock.

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