April 28, 2009

Margot had her lamb ...

This morning when I went to let the sheep out,
I found that Margot had a little ram lamb!
He was totally dry and beautifully cleaned up!
But the poor little thing was crying and going from sheep to sheep, sucking on wool, knees, etc...
Not a good sign!
So I let everyone else out except Margot and her lamb.
I checked Margot's udder, and sure enough,
the nipples were still blocked by the wax plug!
Poor little mite hadn't had a drop of milk to drink!
So I manually unblocked the udder to let the new lamb
have his much sought-after breakfast!
After a little milk, he was quiet and settled right down to a little nap.
Introducing Frankie :

Frankie : né 28 avril 2009, wt. 1 k 300 grams

This photo doesn't begin to show just how small this little guy is!
And, he's very nicely put together too.
I've got my eye on him ... it will be interesting to see how he grows.

A little later in the afternoon . . .

Frankie is doing fine ... but I am a bit concerned about Margot as she has not passed the afterbirth yet : she has a part of the afterbirth hanging out her backside .... looks like I might need to swing by and see the vet later today if things haven't progressed!

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