April 30, 2009

Sorting out a retained placenta ...

Margot still hadn't delivered the placenta or afterbirth at 6 pm on Tuesday ... which was more than 12 hours after having lambed .... so I swung by to see my vet.
He said that this is not terribly unusual, but that we should take a few precautions.
First the biggest risk with a retained placenta is that of infection. So Margot was started on a four-day series of antibiotic jabs to ward off infection.
Additionally she is following a homoeopathic treatment which helps evacuate the placenta, called Wombyl.

Wombyl : 5 ml morning and night for 6 days

Although homeopathic treatments are somewhat controversial in human medicine, they have been proven to be quite effective in veterinary medicine. (On a more “political” note, one has to wonder to what extent the “interests” of large pharmaceutical companies have played a role in trying to discount and discredit homeopathy as a viable alternative to allopathic medicine! But that’s another subject altogether!)
Margot is following her treatment and seems to be doing just fine. The placenta still hasn't been totally delivered, but things are progressing.

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